A Bit about Turbo Max:

Turbo Max Melbourne is a well-versed and highly experienced auto-mechanic near you. We are a family-owned business, working in the line of auto repairs for the last few decades. Our versatile experience enables our team to fix every car and offer quality services. Turbo Max car mechanics repair cars of every type, size, and powertrain. And we are noted as the on-schedule mechanics who complete every job in time. Alongside this, we brag about the quality that we offer at the lowest possible price.

Our Expertise Overview:

Turbo Max Australia first diagnoses your car and identifies the problem. Based on that we create the repair car assessment showing the work to be done, the time required and repair cost. There are no surprises or hidden costs. Instead, if another issue appears in your car, we bring the update to the car owner. And begin working after their approval. Certainly, we keep everything transparent, with no surprises packed.

Why Trust Us:

Whenever you will make a search for “car services near me” or simply “mechanics near me”, you will find us in the SERP results. Well, that is all because of satisfied and happy clients. They rate us to be the best auto repair in Australia. Turbo Max Melbourne scans your car for the problems. And our expert mechanics make it fit. Well, once we have repaired your car it begins behaving like a new one. Have any problems, then pick your phone and call our expert mechanics today.

Overview to Our Expertise:

oil filter service

Lube, Oil, and Filter:

Turbo Max auto repairs know which filter fits the best in your car and which oil will optimize the performance.
Brakes servicing


Never rest, less than the best. Get the best quality brakes from Turbo Max car mechanics to ensure safety.
tyres servicing

Tires and Alignments:

Make the tires responsive and fully balance with our tires and alignments services.
auto parts servicing in Melbourne

Mufflers and Exhaust:

Worried about your car polluting environment? Then forgot it, as we have an environment-friendly exhaust system to improve the performance of your car while keeping the environment clean.
engine tuning service

Engine and Tune-Ups:

Keep your car fresh and new with the Turbo Max Australia engine and tuning services.
Auto Repair Shop in Melbourne

Heating and Cooling:

Planning for a durable ride, then let us set the heating and cooling system of your car.
steering and suspension servicing

Steering and Suspension:

Be safer with the quality steering and suspension repair and maintenance services from Turbo Max Melbourne.
transmission servicing


The beauty of driving a car is in the perfect shift. And Turbo Max auto repairs know the mechanism that will let you hit the perfect shift.

We Service Vehicles from All Major Manufacturers

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