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Turbo Max provides the best car mechanic services in Melbourne. From detailing a car to car mechanics we offer all car repair services under one roof. No matter the problems you face with your vehicle our team has the tools and the skills to make sure that your ride is fixed from top to bottom.
oil filter service

Lube, Oil & Filter:

You know that the life of your car depends on lubes, oils and filters. A poorly managed routine can damage the powertrain, ranging amid engine, transmission and other components. While with the Turbo Max oil change service, you can assure your car is living for long. Our expert car mechanics recommend the oil best suitable for your car besides performing the oil and filter change service. Further, they can perform the oil change and fluid change services. In addition to that, the oil filter change service can guarantee that your car is healthy.
Brakes servicing


Visit the Turbo Max brake repair shop to get the car brakes service and enhance the safety of your car. The brakes of a car exhaust faster than other components. At every turn and signal, you need to apply the brakes. And that causes them to wear out quickly. Obviously, you cannot drive a car with worn-out brakes. As they may cause trouble down the road, with the worst being a fatal accident. That is why we install the most durable brakes that not only stop your car well but also perform long.
tyres servicing

Tires & Alignment:

Proper alignment of the tires can help you cut down fueling expenses. It is a pretty simple science! When the engine has to push the car with a massive application of torque, it consumes more fuel. Turbo Max car mechanics in Australia know how to perfectly align the tires. They know every angle of adjustment, as well as the best tires to optimize the performance of the car.
auto parts servicing in Melbourne

Mufflers & Exhaust:

Are you hearing some strange noise from the car’s muffler? Then you should visit Turbo Max auto repair Australia. The muffler noise is a sign of various different issues that develop over time. And our car mechanics have the perfect solutions available to fix each of them and restore the performance of your car.
engine tuning service

Engine & Tune-Ups:

Keep your car in good condition with our engine tune-up services. Our expert car mechanics can optimize the performance of your car. So that you get the sporty drive in economy mode.
Auto Repair Shop in Melbourne

Heating & Cooling:

You never know when the engine heats up to a level that can damage the powertrain. Well, the heat not just damages the powertrain but also knocks down the powertrain. Instead of pulling over and opening the bonnet to disgorge the fumes, bring your car to Turbo Max so that any imminent problem is resolved beforehand.
steering and suspension servicing

Steering & Suspension:

Make your car steer smooth and remain stable. Car mechanics at Turbo Max can ensure your car is in good shape. We diagnose steering capability along with suspension and other handling components to ensure you remain safe while driving.
transmission servicing

Mufflers & Exhaust:

Is it like your neighbors complain about the noise your car makes? Or you heard it yourself. Then bring it to Turbo Max auto repair Australia. Turbo Max clutch repairs and fluid change mechanics would inspect the car for potential problems. And our car repair Australia mechanics would do the needful to restore the performance of your car.

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